Vividh Bharati

  • Genre: bollywood, news
  • City: New Delhi
  • Bitrate:49 kbit/s
  • First air date: 2 October 1957
  • Frequency: Web Radio
  • Language: hindi
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The Vividh Bharati Service (VBS; lit. 'Diverse Voices') of All India Radio was conceptualized to combat Radio Ceylon in 1957. But the central Govt. has stopped it's Short Wave relay centers as a result of which it is only available on internet . Vividh Bharati radio channel was launched on 3 October 1957.

All these programmes are produced centrally at Vividh Bharati Service, Borivali, Mumbai and up-linked to the satellite. 40 Vividh Bharati stations across the country down-link these programmes through captive earth stations provided at each of these AIR stations. Some local programme windows are also provided at these stations to give regional flavour to the listeners. Vividh Bharati is also broadcast on DD Direct Plus, the state owned DTH platform. These 40 Vividh Bharati stations are known as Commercial Broadcasting Service Stations and are located at major cities covering 97% of the Indian population.

Over the years a number prominent people from Hindi cinema have lent their voice to the channel, including, Lata Mangeshkar and actors Raaj Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan, who worked as a radio broadcaster in his early career, many celebrities take part in the popular show Vishesh Jaimala to encourage Indian Army and BSF soldiers. Today its archives which started the record of film, Yehudi Ki Beti in 1933, has 22,000 ghazals, geets and Hindi film songs. The station celebrated its golden anniversary on 2 October 2007.

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Address Akashvani Bhavan, Parliament Street, New Delhi 110001 India
Phone +9826015859
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Frequencies - Vividh Bharati

Frequency City Rating
1368 AM New Delhi
1323 AM Kolkata
1188 AM Mumbai
1080 AM Rajkot
783 AM Avadi
106.4 FM New Delhi
104.5 FM Jammu
103.7 FM Gulbarga
103.7 FM Kanpur
103.6 FM Kozhikode
103.5 FM Bhopal
103.5 FM Rohtak
103.4 FM Vijayawada
103.3 FM Ranchi
103.1 FM Chandigarh
103.0 FM Dharwad
102.9 FM Bangalore
102.9 FM Jabalpur
102.8 FM Hyderabad
102.8 FM Mumbai
102.6 FM Srinagar
102.5 FM Patna
102.4 FM Rajkot
102.3 FM Chennai
102.1 FM Jodhpur
101.9 FM Thiruvananthapuram
101.8 FM Kolkata
101.7 FM Udaipur
101.6 FM Indore
101.6 FM Lucknow
101.6 FM Raipur
101.4 FM Siliguri
101.1 FM Surat
101.0 FM Pune
100.8 FM Guwahati
100.8 FM Jamshedpur
100.6 FM Jalandhar
100.6 FM Nagpur
100.6 FM Varanasi
100.4 FM Cuttack
100.3 FM Allahabad
100.3 FM Jaipur
100.1 FM Gorakhpur
96.7 FM Ahmedabad
93.9 FM Vadodara