AIR - FM Rainbow

  • Genre: bhangra, bollywood, hindi
  • City: New Delhi
  • Bitrate:49 kbit/s
  • First air date: 1 February 1993
  • Frequency: Web Radio
  • Language: hindi
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AIR FM Rainbow is a group of FM radio channels across India. The group of stations was previously called FM Metro, but the name was changed to FM Rainbow in 2002. The group is run by All India Radio, or AIR, a government owned enterprise. It features Hindi and regional language songs, while also playing English music and providing hourly news in English, regional language and/or Hindi. In Bhopal, FM Rainbow broadcasts in Hindi to more than 12 districts of Madhya Pradesh and 21 Bhopal City suburbs. AIR FM Rainbow Delhi airs in as many as ten cities, more than any of the other FM Rainbow frequencies. Mumbai, Lucknow, Vizag, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Kakinada, Kochi and Bangalore all receive FM Rainbow transmissions on a variety of frequencies.

Rainbow stations are widely accessible due not only to their strong FM signals that carry transmissions to numerous villages in addition to urban areas, but also to FM Rainbow's commitment to providing diverse programming. Rainbow FM stations plays ghazals, soundtracks, and a variety of programs featuring Western music, both popular music and classical music. Some such programs are "Time Out," "Take Off," "Footloose," and "Wicked Hour." FM Rainbow's variety of programming is unique for an Indian radio station, yet almost all the disc jockeys (locally known as "radio jockeys," or RJs) on private Indian FM stations got their start at FM Rainbow. Programming is provided on a rotating schedule, accessible from the All India Radio website, along with the frequencies available in different regions. FM Rainbow channels are also available to tune in from Prasar Bharati DTH channels across the country for listeners outside the bandwidth.

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Address Akashvani Bhavan, Parliament Street, New Delhi - 110001
Phone +91-11-23421300

Frequencies - AIR - FM Rainbow

Frequency City Rating
1368 AM New Delhi
1134 AM Chinsurah
1089 AM Nowshera
1053 AM Leh
1017 AM Kolkata
1008 AM Kolkata
855 AM Ahmedabad
819 AM Rajkot
810 AM Jabalpur
801 AM Pune
783 AM Avadi
612 AM Ajmer
603 AM Chinsurah
107.5 FM Kochi
107.2 FM Kasauli
107.1 FM Mumbai
107.0 FM Kolkata
105.4 FM Panaji
103.4 FM Dharamshala
103.0 FM Coimbatore
103.0 FM Jhansi
103.0 FM Shillong
102.7 FM Jalandhar
102.6 FM New Delhi
102.6 FM Srinagar
102.4 FM Aurangabad
102.3 FM Kurseong
102.2 FM Kanpur
102.2 FM Vijayawada
102.1 FM Mussoorie
102.1 FM Tiruchirapalli
102.0 FM Visakhapatnam
101.9 FM Hyderabad
101.9 FM Rajouri
101.4 FM Chennai
101.3 FM Aligarh
101.3 FM Bangalore
101.3 FM Cuttack
101.1 FM Bathinda
101.0 FM Bhaderwah
100.7 FM Lucknow
100.7 FM Poonch
100.5 FM Kodaikanal
100.3 FM Jammu
100.1 FM Cherrapunji